About Thinkin’Asia

Thinkin’Asia is an international platform for young professionals who focus on Asia with a presence in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Moscow.

We seek to provide opportunities for professional and personal development by enhancing a dialogue between young and experienced professionals, organizing educational events and publishing the latest news about Asia’s politics and business.

Our mission is to create opportunities for professional growth through networking and learning.

What makes Thinkin’Asia different?

Thinkin’Asia welcomes young professionals from different countries and backgrounds, who are interested in Asian region. We are open to new members and encourage global exchange of ideas and opinions between experts from academic, business and policy communities.

If you wish to know people from other countries who focus on Asia and work in the same field as you, build up expertise by learning from experienced professionals and gain open access to curated political and business news or to promote personal development by attending educational events and trainings, then Thinkin’Asia is a right place to start.

Join us  

We welcome new members from across the globe to join our team and contribute to the project on the international and local level.

Perhaps you’d like to become our website editor, organize events in your city or share your analysis piece on our website? Send us an email to team@thinkinasia.com, provide details about your professional background and how you can contribute to the project.

We also publish regular notices about volunteer opportunities at Thinkin’Asia on our website and Facebook page.